This gamified career choice simulator aspires to encourage more girls aged 9 - 17 years old to pursue a STEM career in the future. The five learning scenarios adopt the main principles of the Problem-based approach and allow the exploration of the following STEAM professions: 

  • Computer Engineering

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Electronic Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Digital Designing


Are you interested in the career choice simulator? Read the instructions below on how to use the career choice simulator.

  • Get ready to take the role of an expert STEM professional.

  • You may complete as many learning scenarios as you wish.

  • It is not a prerequisite to complete the learning scenarios sequentially.

  • Boys are also welcome to use the career choice simulator.

  • Do not look for pre-fixed answers.

  • Enjoy the learning process!

Before you proceed with the scenarios, please take a moment to fill the pre-questionnaire.

Scenario 1